August 28th, 2009

O RLY Hedwig

Me + HBP PuriKura Challenge

On Wednesday, I finally got to see the film "SUMMER WARS"!:-D IMHO, it may not be the best film from the director Mamoru Hosoda, but it was still pretty enjoyable and was sometimes very hard not to get emotional in several scenes depicting the family bonding with prominent grandmother.

While the movie took place in Japanese countryside and involves lots of local-cultural elements, I think the depicted feeling about being among families and relatives-- annoyed, stressful, yet bonded and vindicated-- is universal more or less. I hope this movie to be released outside Japan in near future!(well, actually the English edition of this movie has participated in this year's Locarno International Film Festival so we can positively expect its international release, methinks.:-))

BTW, "SUMMER WARS" film is currently limited release and so I had to go to the theater in Hamakita, a bit far from Hamamatsu(where I usually watch movies in bigger theater complex) but there is another fun part in this theater-- it was the only theater among this area which is equipped with Harry Potter HBP movie PuriKura!

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...Now, I must confess I haven't operated PuriKura machine for last ten years and I was quite hyped not to fail through the process, so I really couldn't check all the available images of the character.--;  What I remember is that the machine said I could choose up to two images, and when I skimmed the images, there were only two images of Draco among alternatives anyway! :(

So I selected those two images of Draco and posed for the camera, thinking quick for the given foreground/background images. And here are the pictures I produced for my 500-yen!:-)

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Oh well, it was fun after all!:-)

Unfortunately, I heard that the HP PuriKura machines will operate only through early September. I hope that they will bring up those HP PuriKura photo booths when Harry Potter theme park is opened in Florida!(and with more images of Draco, please!)