August 31st, 2009

h/d fluff

A bit of H/D from my current sketch

Oh yessss, H/D is so much fun!!

Now, if this entry caught your eyes and you still love H/D, good, then send your good heart to leochi, because I'm sure that you adore her beautiful H/D art just as I do!
Some people may not quite understand her reasoning of taking the outcome of lottery as an ultimate answer and why she took it so personal and felt so hurt or pissed off, but really, I can tell that artists are sensitive and vulnerable people more or less. As you already know, I myself got so emotional and paranoid over myself toward the fandom just a week ago.*--*;

On the other hand, honestly I'm surprised by the fact leochididn't get her spot in hd_holidays, because personally I had an impression that the mods are preoccupied to maintain the high standard of their participants and thus favor veterans or established authors/artists over the relatively unknown applicants. Now, eventually I found that the mods really did a fair, unbiased lottery among all the applicants, as I'm sure that the mods had secured her place for sure if they could choose the winners by their own discretion-- in addition to the fact that leochi is an established artist in H/D fandom, there were several sign-up entries which specifically called for watercolor art which she can fit in perfectly, making the pairing task easier for the mods. So, apparently it was *I* who was preoccupied by my own impression which was wrong, and I owe an apology for the mods for that matter; the hd_holidaysmods are doing their business very seriously and squarely, and I'm genuinely impressed.  Here's my hat off to the mods, wishing the best for the fair!:-)

Meanwhile, I understand that that fairness may hurt some people at the same time. I hope all those people who didn't win the lottery not to be discouraged and stay positive in fandom, but if you really, really feel piqued and want to share your frustration with someone, come to me and whine!  I'm ready to listen and give you a hug!(and remember-- you are still much more courageous than I, who was too freaked out to sign up in the first place!^^;)

ETA:  I highlighted my conclusion of the second paragraph in bold, as I got some comments as if I still doubt about the fairness of the selection process, which is quite contrary! =3