September 16th, 2009

bossiest bottom

One Done, One Underway

Just turned in my art submission for bottom_dracofest, yay!!:-)

While I eventually had to work on until the last minutes, I very much enjoyed drawing this one and you certainly will know why when you see the art-- although it will be an anonymous fest, I'm sure that my f-listers will recognize my art piece, especially this time. Oh well.:-p

Oh, and of course I'm still yet to finish my hd_fanartfest one, and this one is going to be tougher but I'll do my best, hopefully!

BTW, this is a totally unrelated topic, but-- while many people complain that the HP movie got only about 2 1/2 hours and so missed out lots of elements appeared in the books, I'm quite thankful for the fact, because so that I'm not forced to watch all those Harry-and-Ginny moments described in the book. I'm really afraid that they might give more details depicting their romantic development in the upcoming movie 7 and 8, because it may well make me crying in the theater. Seriously.

I'm writing this because I had a really horrible dream a few nights ago, which was like the below pic, seeing from Draco's viewpoint-- I was watching them talking(although I couldn't see their faces) and thinking, "how can I even compete her? He loves her"; and all I could do was to look down the table and weep, regretting all those years which I made no effort to get close to him... and that's all about it.

Awwwww! What kind of cliched angst is that!? And NO, I'm not requesting this kind of angsty story(unless it got really sugary, fluffy, happy-go-lucky H/D ending)!!