September 22nd, 2009


A Bit of Sumo Update

Now the September tournament of grand sumo is running and has completed the 9th day so far, and although I initially opted not to write about it during the competition-- because the grand champion Hakuho was reported as the top contender to win the championship as always, and my favorite, another grand champion Asashoryu was treated as an underdog due to his erratic records in recent tournaments.

Then, it turned out that Asashoryu kept winning steadily despite his reported injuries and to my eyes, his concentration and determination in this tournament resembles so much of those in his best years around 2005!  And thanks to the huge upset of Hakuho beaten by Shotenro on Day06, now Asashoryu is on top of the leader board after Day09!  Well, commentators said that Hakuho is still the strongest figure to win this championship at the end, but I think, maybe-- just maybe-- Asashoryu is not the same as the past few tournaments...>:-)

There are still six more days left and the direct matches against top rankers are yet to come, so I'm still praying!  Go, Asashoryu!!

(and here's my favorite Asashoryu pic from the Day01 bout of this September tournament...)


And Fandom-Related Update

I'm still absorbed in the fest art(which, unfortunately, is not much reflected as visible progress so far;_;)...

Meanwhile, I enjoyed reading pink_mint's this journal entry discussing about Draco's ideal hairstyle. If you haven't read it, go and leave your answer, hopefully with some sample pics! Give us some eye-candies, please?:-)<3

BTW I forgot to mention when I commented there-- I really have no preference about his bangs and side hair, but I have a thing for his back hair because I LOVE drawing his nape-- especially when contrasting his clear-cut back hairline and white skin with that Hogwarts uniform!!=3
So, while I enjoy a variety of Draco's hairstyle in AU or post-Hogwarts arts, I keep his hair in reasonable length to show his charming nape in Hogwarts-era pics-- now if only I can find some H/D fics in which Harry licks, sucks, and leaves hickeys on Draco's delicate nape skin!