September 28th, 2009


Sumo September Tournament Final!!

Since I'm still absorbed in my art for hd_fanart fest(oh yes, I had asked for another extension--;) and so I don't have time to write this lengthily but-- Grand Sumo Tournament in September 2009 has concluded today and while Hakuho is a young, excellent grand champion with talent and aspirations, it was still Asashoryu who can make miracle!!

On today(day15)'s direct bout, Hakuho made an immaculate dashing and slammed Asashoryu on his back. It wasn't only I but many other Asashoryu fans on live-chatting who practically got knocked down, unable to find any hope for Asa to win over Hakuho.  Then, fifteen minutes later at the playoff, Asashoryu made strong attack on Hakuho and kept charging, and threw off Hakuho to win the championship!!

It really, really amazed me and I'm still so hyped-- oh Asa, how can you gather your courage and determination to stand against and win over the opponent who has beaten you on the ground only  fifteen minutes ago!??  I'm a person who gets overwhelmed easily once beaten, but I' so moved from what you've shown us today; I hope myself to have a bit more courage and confidence...

Anyway, congrats Asashoryu!  And Hakuho, you've been great, too!  Big kudos to the grand champions from me!