October 3rd, 2009

h/d fluff


I've finally completed my art for the hd_fanart art fest and turned it in last night, yaaaay!!X-D

...oh, okay, it's almost full two weeks late than initial due date and I shamelessly asked for extensions after another, so I really shouldn't cheer about, but.... Now I can relax and enjoy watching all those fest arts!!:-)

Art by leochi, lillithium, naadi, oldenuf2nb, raitala, red_rahl & tweeney
Banner by winter_june

The posting for hd_fanart art fest 2009 kicked off already with a bang, and you DEFINITELY should check it!:-D

In the meantime, the first-ever bottom_draco fest will start posting soon! I have contributed for this fest as well, and I can't help pimping this fest and its lovely banner here!:-D

Let the magic begin!

And of course, hd_career_fair is currently up and running! Although I didn't contributed for this fest, I'm sure many great authors/artists in my f-lists did and I'm so glad that now I can start following at last!!

Hope I can make my own rec list from these fest fic/art in some time...:-)