October 8th, 2009


Fest Pimpin'!!

Yay!! hd_fluff started the Fluffy Halloween Fest for this season and is now accepting prompts! And here's the banner:

Artwork by yumekutteikt, Banner by agt_bush
Harry/Draco Fluffy Halloween Fest

Yup, I'm sooo honored as they picked my art for the fest banner!*^^* The art itself is the one I drew for the last year so it may not look fresh for my old friends, but I hope you get Halloween-y spirit and enjoy the fest!  And good thing this is not the fic-only fest, so I'm definitely thinking contributing something...something fluffy, indeed!:-)

(I mean, it was my Halloween experience in LJ last year and I strove for creepy!H/D as much as I could, so really, I can't get any creepy!fic/art idea for this year.  And as long as it's H/D, fluff sounds better to me!)