November 11th, 2009


Fest Update!

Since I LOVE doing art for fics AND seeing fics from my art...

Yes, I'm jumping in the 1st round of hp_art_tales !^^ I've selected these five pics for prompt so far(oh, the best part of this fest is that I don't have to draw new one, haha!^o^), while I'm checking through the fic prompt-- I can't tell for sure but since my ship is H/D I'm very likely to pick up some H/D story...:-)

Indeed, if you're inspired to write any story from any of my pics, whether in the framework of hp_art_tales or not, you are VERY VERY WELCOME, anytime and always!:-D

On the other hand, I'm not sure if I'll participate in dracobigbang which seemes to be a bit overwhelming to my capacity-- it calls for the collabs of art with long fics while I'm, though I basically love reading, dead-slow in reading! (in fact I'm a very slow reader even in my native language!><;)  
Indeed I'm quite willing to celebrate Draco's big 30th birthday next year, so I'm looking for the other ways to contribute by then...

Speaking of the fests, the 2nd H/D Art Fest at hd_fanart has concluded in success, and I'm soooo delighted and honored to be participated in this awesome fest among other fabulous H/D artists I adore so much!:-) (now I have to prepare for stalking quite a few of them, hee hee!^o^)
I'll start to reply all those lovely comments left on the comm today, then the recap and my own comment about it will be posted in this journal shortly, along with my other submitted art on bottom_draco fest which the official big-reveal will be coming soon!:-)