November 15th, 2009

Gotta Have Veggies

Fest Art Recap: Kidnapping of The Mermaid Bride(Draco, Harry&Octopus!Voldie; NC-17)

Title: Kidnapping of The Mermaid Bride
Artist: yumekutteikt
Prompt: #56 "The Little Mermaid" submitted by westkitsune
Pairings: Harry/Draco + Voldemort/Draco
Summary: Human!Draco finally got his Prince, but Octopus!Voldemort will not give in until he gets his share.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are property of JKR
Warnings: Non-Con, Tentacle!Porn
Medium: Digital(SAI + Photoshop)
Artist's Notes: Thank you for requesting tentacle!porn!-- and yes, I enjoyed drawing this A LOT!8D

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Additional note-- As a re-cap, I adjusted the original art into a bit bigger size, which you can see by clicking the above image. Enjoy!^^
h/d fluff

Fest Art Recap: Spring Is Coming(H/D; G)

Title: Spring Is Coming
Artist: yumekutteikt
Media: Digital(SAI and Photoshop)
Rating: G (pre-slash)
Warning: Ambiguously angsty
A/N: Not much except for the hideous delay of my submission-- I can't thank the mods more for their patience!!(now how I can pay you for this??)
Prompt: #73 submitted by bryoneybrynn

Spring comes on slow. Banks of snow melt around the edges, diminishing a bit more each day, revealing dark earth and flat, brown grass. New life begins, pushing through the dark and frost, flashes of green bright against the bleak background, emboldened by the tremulous melody of the thrush and the babbling of the river breaking free of its ice.

This is me, tender shoot unfurling in air that is too cold to be welcoming, the threat of snow still heavy in the wind, the ground barely thawed. This is him, the sharp trill of birdsong slicing through silence, daring to announce his presence, his being.

In this space, we make sense, we are of the same world, things that are new, fighting to be in this fragile spring. But later, when the earth warms and our struggle no longer binds us, he will remember that he has wings and I will still be rooted in the ground.

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Additional note-- First of all, this one was the most difficult and challenging work for me, no contest! You know, the original drabble by bryoneybrynn is absolutely beautiful, and I had to narrow down all the imagery and construct the story in reasonable length(FYI, the first draft was five-page long and had monologue by Harry), which was the hardest part and took much longer than actual drawing part.
Oh, now I really REALLY adore those artists who can draw multiple-page comics so masterfully!!