December 25th, 2009


Thanks&Happy Holidays!!<333

First of all, a big THANK YOU♥♥♥ for those fabulous well-wishes I've received on my B-Day!! leo_draconis , thank you sooo much for the v-gift of cute teddy, I so love you!^^<3 Thank you for so-glittery post, girlofavalon and alisanne, I'm sooo flattered!!*^^* And pink_mint and sra_danvers, thank you for your sweet message! Awww, you guys made my B-day so warm in this season!!<333
(BTW, in case I missed any of other well-wishes to my B-Day, come&nudge me so I can mention here!:-)<3)

Here's my humble appreciation&season's greeting from me to you fantastic f-listers!<333

BTW, on this occasion, I'd like to tell you something-- if you have any December-born friend(s), IMHO, please do not combine the birthday gift and Christmas gift into one. You may think it would be better to joint those two gift occasions and give one upgraded gift, but honestly I'd rather take two cheaper gifts instead-- your paying proper attention and respect to our birthday as separate entry from those holidays is the most valuable, incomparable gift.
Indeed, your December-born friend will not complain when you joint those celebrations, but when the new year starts and the time comes to celebrate your birthday, s/he may be feeling a bit of bitterness, especially if s/he is in tender age-- good thing now I got old enough about this matter, haha!:-D

PS. LJ's posting form has been acting funny and I had to re-write this entry three times so far, guh!!!=3