December 28th, 2009


What I wanted for Christmas(or for indefinite period of time)

I'm supposed to write this as my response to coconut_sable's Japanese diary entry back in October, whereof she lamented how not-so-enticing Neca's HBP action figures looked. I won't start criticizing the quality of those action figures(since even Japanese manufacturers sometimes settle into low-quality figure products, sadly), but I admit, I really WANT a option of Harry Potter collectible figurines, other than those lame-copy-of-actors action figures or too-classy-to-play-with Tonner dolls!

I'm addressing this matter here and now because, one of my favorite manufacturer, Good Smile Company, had announced their 2nd line of "Death Note" Nendoroid Petit Figurines due January 2010, which looks like this:

...hope you all see its lethal power of cuteness now. I'm not even a big fan of Death Note, yet I'm bracing myself because, if I'd ever see it, I'm pretty sure to buy and collect them all! (BTW, each figurine sells for mere 525 yen, meaning, you can buy three at the price of aforementioned Neca's action figure!)

You may think those chibi-figurine products are possible because they originate from anime/manga.  But then, there were these "Indiana Jones" figurines (manufactured by Kotobukiya) released last year:

Oh yessss, thank Lucusfilm for delegating the whole designing&sculpturing task to Kotobukiya!

So I must emphasize here that, technically speaking, it's all feasible to create cute, collectible Harry Potter figurine products!
With that in mind, let's get to the point: here's my sketch to Santa this year, a draft of possible, future plan of Draco figurines!

Collapse )

Now, if only Santa delivers this draft to JKR and Warner Brothers Inc., gets their approval and handles all those rights controls and other things, then secures the right sculptors of Good Smile Company or Kotobukiya(preferably, of the team which did this Hetalia figurines!) and makes them sell under 800 yen a piece, my eternal dream would come true...!!8-D

(Oh and IMO, making Harry figurine would be even easier, since they can just use the mold of Itoshiki-sensei's head!)