January 6th, 2010


a bit of new year photos for the record

From the family bonding party on Jan.02, in which we made several hundreds of gyoza dumplings!   Although I sometimes eat the pre-cooked gyoza, this is practically the first time to cook gyoza--mmm, actually, my part was mostly to hand-mix the ingredients(chopped cabbage, onions, leek, garlic, and seasonings + minced pork) for the filling, which was relatively easy except that my hands got smell of garlic and sesame oil for next several days!^^;

I also did a bit of wrapping gyoza, which was pretty fun!:-)  Though I can't tell which one is my work...


The other dishes-- that rolls(ones look like sushi) are not vinegared, so they are rather tiny onigiri; those takoyaki are cooked by children of my cousins, although the kids are rather busy playing their NDS and PSP all through the party!-_-;

Anyway, cousins are very enthusiastic about this new-year gyoza party and so it will be held next year as well. Seems we now have a new family tradition from now on, huh