January 19th, 2010


Hot Recs&Thanks!!

Grr, RL caught me up these days and couldn't update my journal!-_-; Now I'm really behind in posting&commenting, I hope I'm going to straighten up soon, little by little...

Okay, now-- first of all, this season I received gift fics for meeeee(yay!!) which are all awesome, and I can't help reccing!!

The Ties That Bind by chaos_rose (H/D; NC-17)
Awww, I didn't even realized that this gift fic for me was posted on hp_yule_balls(because I was too preoccupied with when my submission would be posted!^^;) until the reveal, and took even more time to read through the ending and comment properly-- I owe you a huge apology, chaos_rose!!m(_ _)m
Anyway, this was truly an amazing fic-- I would've repeat this even if it hadn't been a gift fic for me! You'll see what I mean once you read it, it's so unique and brilliantly composed with both hot smex and well-developed backstory, and the characters are so amazingly canon! Now I just wish chaos_rose will continue to explore a bit more of this arc...:-)<333

Bitter Brew by enchanted_jae (H/D; R)
The goddess jae was generous enough to give me a birthday fic, fulfilling my totally wacko request-- the prequel of "Sloppy Seconds" ! Awww, I knew it must've been stressful to depict this angsty-infidelty situation, but I just love jealous!Harry in this arc soooo much! And good thing we know how the things turned out for them, haha!:-D

Mr. Brightside by mizbean (H/D; NC-17)
I've recced before but once again, this one is a gift-fic for me(yay!) at hd_holidays, which I absolutely loved! It's just so lovely and delightful to read, made me giggle happily quite a few times! Thank you soooo much mizbean!!:-D

...now, in case I haven't mentioned any other gifts presented to me recently, I've totally missed it, so just kick my ass and let me know, because I'm ready to devour it!!

Oh, and I'll post my gift arts at hd_holidays and hp_yule_balls here soon, so please wait patiently for a bit!^^;