February 2nd, 2010

O RLY Hedwig


Miraculously I've made my art submission for do_me_veela fest by the deadline, yaaay!^^v
(though I wish I could've spent more time for it-- because veela!Draco was one of my long-sought subjects.)

And so, now I'm finally getting to respond all the comments from last year!^^; Awwwwwww, my apology for all!!m(_ _)m

After that, I'll start something for hd♥month at hd_fanart, hopefully.(and honestly I've forgotten that I was among hd♥month artists last year until I checked the archive there and what kind of art I did then-- oh, ooh.  Okay, I'll try something rather modest this year...)

(random doodle from the last night below-- because I ♥ the slimygit!Draco!)