February 10th, 2010


The lost potential and ill-disposed tradition

As many of sumo fans worldwide, I'm still trying to recover from the abrupt retirement of Asashoryu, the grand champion who won the championship in January tournament just two weeks ago. While the media kept blaming his own wrongdoing and relating to the standpoint of his lacking hinkaku(dignity) as a top-ranker of Japanese national sport in his entire career,  they seemingly failed to capture how enormous his contribution to the history of sumo was, how sincerely he devoted to the sport(at least when sober), and how huge the loss of this absolute talent of our age will be.

I'm still sorting out my thoughts about this matter, though I've talked quite a lot these days with my fellow sumo fans in Twitter which was flooded with laments&bawlings of Japanese fans since Feb.4. Anyway, here I'm pasting my favorite Asashoryu video from this January tournament: Baruto(left)-Asashoryu(right) match on Jan.20 2010.