February 19th, 2010

Pigeon Beam

This is why Plushenko missed the gold

First of all, congrats on all Team-Evan f-listers!  Right from the moment he finished his performance, I thought he deserved the gold; I was so thrilled by the final result!:-D

Indeed, people here in Japan are all overjoyed by Daisuke Takahashi's getting bronze; oh it's so incredible how he recollected himself from the fall at the beginning of the program, not to mention the severe knee injury just about two years ago!
Now, if only anyone could explain me the reason of too-low score of Johnny Weir...(is it that "wrong-edge" thingy? Sorry we don't have Scott Hamilton in our broadcasting so I can't get any good technical commentary...)

Yet the best moment of today came from Yahoo!Japan 2010 Olympic website, right after the competition.

The caption says-- "Men's Figure Skating, Free Skate-- Yevgeny Plushenko won the silver medal: performance of Yevgeny Plushenko(Russia), who won the silver with 256.36 score", with the below photo:

Collapse )

No wonder he missed the gold, playing the different sport!!

(Oh, on behalf of Y!Japan, my apology for Russian f-listers-- but I LOLed so hard for this I can't help mentioning it!)