February 27th, 2010

Pigeon Beam

Congrats, Yuna&Mao!!

I was sooooo thrilled by Kim Yu-Na! In fact, by the middle of her program I felt certain that it would be the gold-medal performance, something to be remembered for long in the history of ladies figure skating.  I can tell that the national pressure on her for this event was enormous, but Yu-Na delivered her best, making it look so effortlessly-- it's just so incredible, considering so many talented skaters had failed to do that! I really can't help admiring her courage and composure!

Indeed, much kudos to Mao as well! Maybe I'm one of few Japanese who didn't expected her to do two triple-axels in free skate-- since judges gave higher score on Yu-Na's 3Luz+3TL than Mao's 3Ax+2TL in short program, I thought Mao should avoid the risk and rather play for safer package.  But heck, she took the challenge and successfully landed it-- twice! Oh wow, I'm really proud of her and her getting silver medal!

And of course, I'm totally awed by Joannie Rochette-- after such tragedy in her whole life, she still took the ice and executed her best performance at her homeland.  I admire her courage and strength, and hope she'll take a good rest after this intense series of events then continue her good skating!

BTW, I don't know if this was reported but according to the news which I saw said that, although Yu-Na was happy about winning the gold she kept her joy from being too-exuberant because she thought of Mao, knowing "how it feels when we couldn't deliver the best performance very well." You know, when we get emotional for good or bad, it's really difficult to be considerate of the feelings of others, or rival, no less. That's the way of being a queen, Queen Yu-Na!!

On a separate note-- team Japan boys were among the audience today&rooting for their countryladies:

(from L to R: Takahiko Kozuka(8th), Nobunari Oda(7th), Daisuke Takahashi(3rd) )
Glad seeing them as being good teammates off the ice-- guess painting the bronze medalist's face was fun, haha!:-D