March 19th, 2010

draco malfoy

Fanart: How Can I Ever Tell You...(implied Harry/Draco; G)

AEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I couldn't make it for this week's hump_day_smut...awwww I hate it when RL keeps me from my precious habit of drawing porn!T_T

But good thing I have something to post here, at least...

Title: How Can I Ever Tell You...
Artist: yumekutteikt
Pairing: Implied Harry/Draco
Rating: G
Warning: angst
A/N: Drawn for do_me_veela's Valentine Veelafest 2010
Prompt: #155, Scenario-1: Draco gets his heritance when he comes back to school and finds out his life mate is Harry Potter, who has gotten back with Ginny. At first Draco tries to fight his attraction, but he can't help the jealousy whenever he sees the 'happy couple'.(submitted by girlofavalon)

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Additional A/N: I haven't done that many angsty pics before, so despite Draco's emotional torture in the image, it was quite fun to draw this piece--just, if only (I think I'm saying this all the time but again, gah!) I could've have more time!-_-;

Also, the dramatic connotation of this image is much contributed to girlofavalon's absolutely beautiful prompt which I depicted  only the first scenario; if anyone is tempted to write a fic to cover the whole plot, please please do -- oh yes, I too want to see the happy h/d ending is coming for this!