April 30th, 2010


Fanart:Meet 'Harriet Potter'!(female!Harry; PG; AU)

And so, this is the one which I submitted for hump_day_smut comm for this week; again, I couldn't afford much time for this so I jumped to the first idea which came across my mind for the word "AU".

Artist: yumekutteikt
Title: Meet 'Harriet Potter'!
Character: female Harry Potter in AU
challengehump_day_smut 's prompt: AU/Alternative Reality
Media: digital
Notes: "What kind of detention may I expect from you, Professor Snape?"

Collapse )

Anyway, it's quite fun&refreshing to draw girls, really!:-)
(I still have to find out just what made me believe the prompt being "crossover" when I marked on my schedule!!)

Writer's Block: Book based

Is there a book you really loved that was subsequently turned into a movie? Did it live up to your expectations? Why or why not?

It's quite interesting to know that "being made into a movie" still counts for a lot when evaluating the popularity of the book.(what about other spin-off media, like manga/graphic novels or audio drama?)

Anyway, since I'm a devoted fan of manga adaptation series of "Cirque du Freak: Darren Shan Saga" rather than the original novel series, the disappointment for its film version wasn't that serious-- even though I'll never forgive the film production company which was responsible for "MW" movie for screwing one of the best title from Osamu Tezuka!>:(