June 7th, 2010

Receding Hairline

Malfoys at Kings Cross filming...

Okay, now, I've pretty got used to that tad-too-old-looking Draco in DH epilogue filming so I won't complain about it anymore(so I hope), but as for Scorpius, I can't lie myself-- I was expecting someone very CUTE for the role!  Obviously, I was disappointed when I saw this video(the boy who plays Scorpius appears around 2:00) and can't help soothing myself by sketching this:

BTW, bottom_draco comm is now accepting the sign-ups&prompt claiming for its 2nd Bottom!Draco fest and I haven't even read through those prompts!!  AEEEE but I just can't miss this fest in order to obtain a valid reason to molest Draco!!