October 25th, 2010


a bit of update

 ...oh well, not much update on my side, but anyway my week-late submission for bottom_draco fest is done, yay! v^^ The 2nd Annual Bottom!draco Fest will start on Nov.06, and I can't wait!:-)

Speaking of the fest, hd_fan_fair  is ending soon *weeps* ...yes, it's sad to see its ending, but it was such a fantastic fest this year so let's share its finale with applause than tears, shall we?

Oh, and it's very late to mention but my siliest prompt was turned into this cute&lovely art at hd_fan_fair!!  If you haven't seen it yet, just GO L@@K!!
Cosplay Madness
(and if you think that Tokyo is such a crazy place like this...I say it's not, because it's even crazier !!^o^)

And of course, such amazing H/D 10th Year Anniversary Party is going on at harrydraco  comm!  I'm a bit running late(as always) but I hope I can contribute something since it's a great celebration, yay!:-)