November 28th, 2010


updates(kind of)

Aaaaaugh so I haven't made any entry this month!? *shivers*

Anyway, recently not much update on my side except for leo_palooza's Secret Santa exchange, although I'll definitely try to make more h/d Christmas art indeed, as soon as I got time!:-)

And the biggest news today is-- I've secured my ticket for DH1-movie stage presentation in Fujieda, Dec.3, with special guest of Tom Felton(who's now re-visiting Japan BTW)! Yay!!^^v  And since seemingly they won't allow us to take pictures or videos(except during the signing session, which I don't know if I'd participate-- I mean, I do love Tom but this year I simply can't afford 5000 yen for just an autograph..), maybe I'd draw some report of the event, just like last summer, haha!:-D

(totally unrelated sketch below, which I happened to find outside of my old "Now I Found You" art)