December 5th, 2010

h/d fluff

Fanart: The Ninja Who Loved Me (h/d; pg-13, AU)

Hee, I thought first I'd finish my report on Tom Felton's Japan tour *squeeeee* , but then I heard that today(Dec.5) is the International Ninja Day!! (geez, wonder why they don't spread the words to us Japanese-- we'd love to celebrate the day&have fun, too!!)

Anyway, so I feel like I'm obliged to do this recap within today, haha!

Title: The Ninja Who Loved Me
Artist: yumekutteikt
Challanges: submission for hd_fan_fair 2010,  PROMPT #208
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): h/d
Summary: AU, Japan in Tokugawa shogunate era(circa 1860)--  Harry, the young head of Oniwabanshu(royal ninja squad), was assigned to guard the newcomer to Ooku(Shogun's harem in Edo Castle), Draco. While Harry eventually fell for Draco and their secret feeling for each other grew, Harry didn't know-- that Draco was also a ninja, with mission to assassinate Shogun Dumbledore.
Medium: Digital
Artist's Notes: Ugh, first of all, sorry for the mods for delay! Anyway, I put two of my best-favorite elements(ninja and ooku) in one setting so I enjoyed a lot by making this art!
Additional note: Okay, here's the credit which I couldn't give properly under anon, so plz check-> beautiful Japanese patterns by gimei@DevianatArt; Edo Castle graphic by Eyespic(from its free materials library); bamboo ring and origami crane/bird by IllustStudio software material; also, the phoenix pattern on Dumbledore's fan is scanned from Edo-Monyou pattern book which I forgot the title^^;(sorry!)

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Extra-- for anyone interested, here's the better look on Dumbledore&Lucius:

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BTW, on thishd_fan_fair 2010, I had two new, special experience-- first, my art made the opening of the fair! It was totally unexpected and so surprising, because it was submitted only a couple days before the starting date, awwww!! *ducks and hides*  Anyway, I can't thank more the mods for their patience and generosity, and I'm so honored and flattered by the overwhelming response!<3
The second is, they made a beautiful collage banner of participated artists, including mine! Yes, this is my first fest-collage experience in fact, and it's like, my longtime dream in fandom came true!*^^* It's so awesome and I can keep staring it for hours...♥

Once again, my deepest thanks for the fanfair mods, and hopefully we'll celebrate the fest together again next year!:-D