December 9th, 2010


Belated pimpin'!

...because LJ has kept eating up my entry!! Grrrrr!!!!
So, anyway...let's get to the fest pimpin'!!

25 Wishes Holiday Challenge at [info]hd_seasons  


(as you see, they're generous enough to use my art for the fest banner!*^^*)

Then indeed, [info]hd_holidays  has started posting this year already, [info]slythindor100  is now hosting 25 days of Draco and Harry holiday challenge, so is [info]hd_fanart  Christmas Advent Calendar, and alongside h/d there are [info]hp_yule_balls  and  [info]mini_fest ...  I wonder how people catch up with all those fests and special challenges during the busy holiday season??

And there's even something to look for in upcoming year 2011 already:
Big Bang banner
artwork by phoenixacid
Sign-ups start on January 2, 2011.
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Since I'm a real  slow-reader and has once failed in a big-bang style fest, I don't know if I'd sign up but I'll look forward to this fest anyway, for sure!! :-D!