December 19th, 2010

Pigeon Beam

a bit late report of-- Tom Felton@Fujieda!

First off, sorry for my delayed posting but well-- here's my report on December 3rd's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part1" movie screening at Fujieda(Shizuoka), Japan, with special guest Tom Felton!!

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FYI, Tom's stage presentation was held twice(the second one was right after the short break), and since we're not allowed to take any pics/videos inside theatre, here's my sketch of his stage interview session scribbled out of my memory.(the real photos taken by several media are collected at gallery so check them as well)

(Keep clicking for larger image: FYI 'Fujieda' literally means 'wisteria branch' and I saw several wisteria-motifs in this town so I added that)

Here are some highlights from his two Q&A sessions(hosted by Fujieda-local born actor/short-film creator, Ryo Ishigami) if I remember corretly:

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Now the final note of my report-- I'm sure that all the fans already know very well how modest, pleasant and charming person Tom Felton is, but seriously I think I and anyone there on that day had learned/relearned that fact. When he said "I got a big message on behalf of all the cast members and crew, to all of you Harry Potter fans" or "we couldn't have continued this film series without your support", I could tell he really meant  it, being always aware that his presentation affects the whole image of HP production and that not a single fan should not be mistreated. And still, at the same time, he truly enjoyed  communicating with fans and entertaining them to share the joy of this occasion. I believe I'm not only one who got good vibes from Tom and was inspired to work harder in our own life too!

Okay, that's about it; thanks for reading!:-)

PS. BTW anyone doing DH1 movie review meme? Like the one I did last year for HBP? I'd love to do that sketch too!:-)