December 25th, 2010


Just L@@K what I got for this Christmas!!


h/d holiday banner by lijahlover

awwwww, just can't take my eyes from this beautiful banner...*melts* 

And oh my, lijahlover gave me yet more of h/d goodies as holiday gifts! Just go leo_palooza and check this and this and this!!

Also, lemme say my thanks to all your birthday wishes!<3  Thank you to coconut_sable, nursedarry and the_gubette for v-gifts, girlofavalon and kitty_fic for lovely entries, and katarina_mp and psyfic for heartwarming messages! (if I haven't mentioned your b-day wish here, I haven't seen it yet so feel free to nudge me!!)  Awwww you guys are soooo awesome!!

Thank you all and happy h/d holidays!<3