March 11th, 2011

draco malfoy

I wish this night will not end that we don't have to see anything at dawn tomorrow.

Anyway, I've been caught by RL for last few months and couldn't contribute to my beloved fandom for long time(EWWWWWWWW missed so many fests-signups!!ToT), and it's really sad to see it's this occasion to update my journal, but as you know...

Huge Japan quake causes tsunami, fires, landslide

As, for me,  I and my families are all okay.  Yes, really.  Right at the moment of the quake, I was out on drive in my sister's car and she said she felt 'a bit odd on steering'  while I felt nothing.^^; So really, there's practically no damage to report about my area, which is far southwest from Tokyo . 

However, the damages on Northeastern mainland are indeed, so massive and still ongoing.  It's 10:30PM here in Japan and broadcasters on TV are still alarming for the aftershocks and subsequent tsunami, and the reported casualty at this point is 50 or so but I must say that the death toll will most certainly hit hundreds by tomorrow mostly by tsunami, not by the quake itself.  So please:

Honolulu, other parts of Pacific brace for tsunami

Yes, please, you don't have to panic but just, prepare well.  We can't avoid the sudden earthquake attack but at least we can prepare for tsunami-- I've seen so many devastating images today and really don't want anyone get killed outside Japan from this disaster. 

Also, on behalf of so many people in Japan, I'd like to say thank you for your prayer all over the world-- yes, I got some too!  FYI, from what I've seen, so far the transportations and some utilities(such as phone lines) in Tokyo are affected, causing many people inconvenience-- but no serious damages fortunately, so don't worry.  However, the damages on those who in Tohoku area, especially in Miyagi, are still yet to be reported(my prayer here).

PS. OMG all TVs just stop reporting about those unharmed crowds in Tokyo!  Just send rescuers to Kesennuma and stop that hideous fire NOW!! There are still refugees left in that city can't you see!??