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28 October 2008 @ 10:56 am
Ficlet: "Prisoners in Paradise" (H/D, pre-slash)  

Title: Prisoners in Paradise
Rating: PG
Warning: AU
Word count: 200
Challenge: awdt's Halloween Quickies #1 "scary/ghost story".
Disclaimer: JKR owns them, so the following is merely my fantasy as always

When Harry had returned to Hogwarts after the war, he found the school not being a comfortable place anymore. His schoolmates, and even teachers, treated him oddly-- many seemed indubitably scared upon his presence and looked away as though they'd witnessed a new Dark Lord, some even blatantly avoided him. As Ron and Hermione didn't come back to finish their final year, Harry felt himself miserable, disoriented, and hopelessly lonely.

Then the rescue came from an unexpected person. Draco Malfoy, although awkwardly, walked up to Harry and expressed his deep remorse for the past. Gradually Harry came to exchange a few words, then engage in light conversation, and eventually share his time most often with Malfoy, as Malfoy had been alienated by his fellow Slytherins as well.

By the end of the year Harry had become so attached to Malfoy he just couldn't forgo their relationship on graduation. He asked Malfoy if they could continue meeting each other after leaving Hogwarts.

"We can't," Malfoy replied ruefully.

"Why not?" demanded Harry.

"I can't leave Hogwarts," Malfoy gave him a pensive look. "This is where I died at war."

Harry got dumbstruck. "You died?"

"Yes, and no," answered Malfoy. "We both died."

While we're at it, I'd like to make fic-rec from awdt's Halloween Quickies so far:
-Ghostly Fun by faithwood -- Wow, "ghost story" can never be this entertaining! I can practically hear Myrtle's narration in my head, she's such an authoritative figure of rotten fangirls!^o^ What's more, maybe we can see more of this story coming!! Hooray!
-Reaching Out by leo_draconis -- The least I can say is that this story appeared to me soooo canon! Ooh, the real canon often made us H/D shippers suffer so we need some amend for ourselves, like this perfect morsel.

...and so there are so many good Halloween stories, I feel I don't have to write any more for myself, haha!(besides that I'm such a slow writer I'm not sure if I could keep up with the daily prompts!^^;)

reicheruchanreicheruchan on October 28th, 2008 01:06 pm (UTC)
oh my... i don't know whether to feel sad or happy... happy because they are together and sad because they died~~~~ anyway, i like the storyline! haha~
YumeKutteIkt(YuKI): season's greetingsyumekutteikt on October 29th, 2008 06:11 am (UTC)
Haha, don't worry, I'm quite unlikely to write any more stories involving character death because this is just written for the prompt "scary/ghost story"(and I wanted to produce something scary and ghosty^o^). Thank you for reading!:-)