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05 November 2008 @ 11:58 am
Drabble: "But Tomorrow" (H/D)  
Title: But Tomorrow
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: hd100's prompt: "tomorrow"
Disclaimer: JKR owns them, and the following is merely my fantasy as always

Harry stormed into Gryffindor dorm room and plunged into his bed, banging his head on the pillow.

It had been another day of quarreling with Malfoy, and Harry knew that his temper always pushed himself over the edge, causing disaster.

But tomorrow, Harry hoped.  I'll tell him my true feeling...


Draco sank into a sofa in Slytherin common room, knowing his roommates finished packing already.

They were secretly leaving Hogwarts before the final war, and Draco loathed his stubbornness which kept himself from cherishing his last moments peacefully with Potter.

But tomorrow, Draco wished.  I'll tell him my sincerest farewell...

Current Music: "Tomorrow" - Europe
reicheruchanreicheruchan on November 5th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
oh my~~~~ how will things turn out later?
YumeKutteIkt(YuKI): h/dyumekutteikt on November 6th, 2008 10:00 pm (UTC)
Well, someone will lock them up in closet and they live happily thereafter.^o^ Thank you for reading!:-)