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19 January 2009 @ 01:56 pm
Go Asashoryu!!  
While I'm a bit behind my schedule recently in RL I really feeling pleasant as Yokozuna Asashoryu has been fantastic in this January sumo tournament so far, marking eight straight-wins matching up to Hakuho!! He had withdrawn from last three tournaments, and prior to the first day of the tournament virtually all the media reported that his condition was all but excellent and his retirement might be feasible very soon. I too was so scared to watch the match on the first day and prepared myself to see his defeat, then...

YES, he was still strong!

And to anyone's surprise, Asashoryu kept winning to the midday of the tournament, silencing all those media which bragged about his 'tarnishing the twilight years'. I think it is still Hakuho who is the best favorite to the overall winner of the tournament, but for me, Asashoryu's determination and concentration to the sport still thrill me to the max, and I wish he will stand against Hakuho for the victory on the last day of the tournament!