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19 January 2009 @ 03:40 pm
Fanart Wrap-up!  
While I'm a bit behind of my schedule and had to give up writing drabble for last week, I made two fic art--ohh, I just can't resist drawing my visual images of these wonderful fics! (really, sketching for other author's fic is so much fun for me-- and I wonder why my own story does not inspire my artist side.^^;)

This time, please please read the original fic first so that you can fully understand what's in those arts!

In case Harry's arrangement didn't work... (original fic"Awarded" by alisanne-san)

I just love alisanne-san's fic sooooo much, seeing her Draco and Harry interacting happily together!<3 Then sometimes, my wicked mind can't help interrupting the happy couple a bit, haha!^^;

LovelyCook!Draco (original fic: "A Special Dinner" by ebethfic-san)

Aww, I've had other fic art idea for ebethfic-san's fic but eventually this one came out instantly as the first, because the original fic is so hilarious!! And in fact I want to draw more of this cook!Draco in manga-style...hopefully if I have some time before the end of this month.

BTW, I'm wondering if they celebrate Valentine's Day in H/D fandom here...and I really don't have any inspiration for Valentine's Day art other than chocolate(because it's practically the day of girls giving chocolate to boys).-_-; Any good ideas, anyone?