YumeKutteIkt(YuKI) (yumekutteikt) wrote,

I hope I'm not only one

...who is now striving for the upcoming submission due for hd_smoochfest! ...Well, actually I'm working on my art for hump_day_smut at the same time and have to finish this one first, so I'm working on tightrope. 

But if you're on the same boat and feeling anxious whether you can make it through as I was, my advice is-- just  take a look at this woman here:

Ginny: "Oh, you're quitting?  Good!  I really didn't see the whole point of this fest anyway.  Just forget it and have a good sleep, now!"

Now, you feel like to bring out some good Harry/Draco stuff and tell her something, don't you?

(only I feel myself wondering why I'm making this extra piece of her, of all people...)
Tags: fanart- g, harry potter
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