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08 June 2009 @ 04:55 am
Fanart: "I Will Always Be By Your Side"(Draco, G) & Hogwarts, School of Magic and Butling(G)  
Oh yes, there are still more extras of master-Harry-and-his-butler-Draco arc! *laughs*

As you might recall, I've been a big fan of "Mei-chan no Shitsuji" drama far before the smoochfest (see my entries here and here) and IMO, one of the fun-part of the drama is that those gorgeous butlers express their deep devotion for his lady straight into the camera, so that viewers can experience a virtual feeling of being their master!:-D

And so, if I do it here, it will be like this:

"Because I'm your butler, I will serve you with my heart and soul.
Now, give me your order, my lady."

The next one is that, I only drawn the image of Harry and Draco in initial stage of moving into the school, but I played the idea of master-and-butler-boarding school(which indeed is the most unique concept of the original drama) in Harry Potter world, and made a quick sketch as follows:

Here's my description of master/butler pairing.(From top-right in clockwise: all students are sorted by rank Sole/Sun(highest), Luna/Moon, to Umbra/Shadow(lowest), and all butlers by rank S, A, B to C.)

-Harry(student-Umbra)& Draco(butler-S): Harry is a newcomer of the school and has no previous knowledge about magic or wizardry whatsoever. He feels rather uncomfortable with Draco's enthusiastic devotion for him, but gradually comes to strive for a deserving master for Draco; Draco is a highest-ranked butler of the school, admired by other butlers and their masters as well. He displays unconditional dedication for little Harry-- is it just because he was officially appointed his task by the Headmaster?

-Hermione(student-Sole)&Ron(butler-C): Hermione is among the top students and shows strong leadership. While she is often irked by Ron's insensitiveness, she does believe his potential to be a good butler.(only she, maybe.)

-Luna(student-Umbra)&Neville(butler-B): Butler Neville is rather attentive to his plants than serving his master, and his master Luna doesn't mind at all, either.

-Ginny(student-Luna)&Fred&George(butlers-B): Butler twins Fred and George serve for Ginny, who has to withstand some occasional mischiefs to their beloved master.

-Cho(student-Luna)&Cedric(butler-A): Seemingly a perfect master-butler pair with mutual affection-- albeit the school's rule which forbids romantic relationship between master and butler.

-Pansy(student-Luna)&Blaise(butler-B): Pansy has a big crush on Draco and so bullies on Harry; her butler Blaise keeps flirting with other girl students, upsetting his master indeed.

-Tom Riddle(student-Head of Sole)&Lucius(butler- rank unknown): The pair currently dominates the school, known to be powerful as the Headmaster and formidable to the rest of the students. Riddle shows an extraordinarily interest on the newcomer Harry, and Lucius attempts to cajole Draco into their side for some reason.

...well, just picturing those master-butler pairing was pretty fun, haha!:-D

That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed!:-)
YumeKutteIkt(YuKI): glompyumekutteikt on June 9th, 2009 03:09 pm (UTC)
Haha, as for patience, same to me! I really admire those who can draw/write long stories, as I can't keep my concentration on my artistic work for long time!^^;

And thank you for rescuing the flower from that perv!:-D I passed that lovely flower to my petit!Draco, who seems to like it, too!