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I finally got there to read that awesome rickey_a's GOLDEN PENIS AWARD entry yesterday and OMG, sepsku-chan nominated meeeeee!! *utter surprise*   Seriously,  I can't be more proud than this!! *wiping tears*

Here's my total dedication to sepsku , with LOVE!!!

So from now on, if anyone comes to complain about my silly art, I can brandish sepsku -chan's beautiful art and say "but hey, this artist approved my drawings!", yay!^o^<3

Oh, and as for me, I nominated enchanted_jae  as my vote-- as I wrote there, jae is not only a prolific h/d writer, but also a very generous person who leaves comments for others quite frequently, and we all know it's not an easy task! 

Indeed, I owe the whole bunch of other people in Harry Potter fandom, both in and out of my f-list, whom I didn't mention there-- I couldn't become myself as now without your support and encouragement.  So, on this occasion, I want to tell you-- yes, you, there!-- from my heart: 

THANK YOU!!! ♥♥♥
Tags: fanart- r/nc17, harry potter, thanks
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