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Art Recap: "Now I Found You"(h/d, G)

Okay, so, long time no posting!^^;

Since I found I made no journal entries last month, here I'm posting this entry backdated as July-- the art itself was completed and submitted somewhere in June anyway, so I hope you generously forgive me for this!

Title: Now I Found You
Artist: yumekutteikt
Challenge: drawn for hd_smoochfest 2010
Rating: G
Warning: flangst, EWE
Summary: Five-year-old Harry and Draco made an accidental encounter and their secret friendship grew, until Lucius warded the Manor and Obliviated his son. Under Lucius' influence Draco didn't recall his childhood memory in Hogwarts years until the moment at the final battle.(This art is narrated from Harry's POV.) See the original prompt for details.
Author's Notes: To jeannie81 --thank you for this beautiful story, while I, as a pinch-hitter, only illustrated the highlights of the plot from Harry's viewpoint. Yes, I, too, hope someone can write the full story to tell us how their relationship grows from here to eternal LOVE!:-)

Prompt: #80 submitted by jeannie81
Time Period: pre-Hogwarts and after (writer/artists choice)
Place: Harry's cupboard, Malfoy Manor and other places
Object/Word Prompts: sparkles, bubbles
Action: At five years old, Harry is locked in his cupboard once again for something out of his control. He's feeling miserable when suddenly five-year-old Draco Apparates next to him. Introductions are made etc and Draco manages to Apparate them both to Malfoy Manor. They spend the rest of the day playing in Draco's room, before Draco takes Harry back to his cupboard. This gets repeated almost daily for a few months/years, until one day Lucius finds out (maybe just about Draco Apparating) and wards the house against Apparition. Draco's gutted, Harry's gutted (maybe he thinks Draco doesn't care about him anymore). Fast forward to Hogwarts acceptance year, what will happen when they meet again?
Preferences/Other Notes: I'd love to see how their relationship grows from this starting point, maybe up to (or beyond) the point of marriage?

Additional A/N: I had almost forgotten it was *smoochfest * and enjoyed drawing angst part, haha!:-D  There was also some ideas for the counter piece from Draco's POV which, well, I may try if I have time in future...
Tags: fanart- g, harry potter
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