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Woa.  I can't believe it's two weeks+ past already from that worst Friday I've ever know...

Anyway, first of all, let me say a big THANK YOU!! for those supporting communities:


(BTW I'm offering an art at help_japan and my thread is HERE; this is a multi-fandom comm and there are soooo many fantastic artists offering their arts, so please check!!)


(I've sent my prompt to hd_relief as well:-))

I guess there are more relief-aid comms in(and around) LJ which I just haven't got to know yet; my apology for not mentioning here and feel free to nudge me!


As one who's born and live in Japan, I truly appreciate all of your support, donations, and prayers pouring into Japan from all over the world-- because I really can't think we could ever get through this disaster by ourselves.  Yes, we've experienced massive natural disasters in our history which devastated several cities(such as 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, or I'd list 1974 Typhoon Gilda as my personal experience), but this time the damage is just too monstrous and too vast to compare to anything in the past.  Every single cities and villages  in northeastern Pacific shore of Tohoku area-- if you look at that Japanese map in hd_relief banner, it's nearly half of the eastern shore of the entire mainland-- are destroyed by earthquake and tsunami, and those coastal cities in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures are literally swept away by the mass of black water... it almost made us think that all surrounding areas which are damaged by the earthquake alone are much fortunate.

The worst part is-- even after two weeks, we're still not able to collect the overall figure of casualties.  Several cities in Iwate and MIyagi lost their  municipal offices with population database and thousands of households are deemed unreported as no family member had survived to confirm the losses.  Yet worse is northeast Fukushima-- I think that some of you have already seen the horrifying video of deadly tsunami engulfing Minamisouma city, which located near north of Fukushima 1 nuke plant.  Since Minamisouma and other neighboring villages were declared as evacuation zone shortly after the explosion on Mar.14, even the rescuers had to abandon the area, leaving all dead bodies there.  And so, the confirmed  death toll in Fukushima is eerily low compared to those in Iwate and Miyagi, even to this date. 

Now, on a brighter side-- my deepest appreciation form the humanitarian aids, donations and fund-raising efforts which kept pouring inside Japan and from all over the world, and had certainly encouraged those battered people as well as anyone in this country.  Really, during the night in Mar.11, amid the recurring aftershocks(much less frequent than those in Tohoku, though) I was so shocked and terrified I couldn't think how my country would recover -- couldn't ever come up with the word 'rebuild'-- from this humongous damage to our people.  But then, days later several senior refugees, many of whom lost their homes and practically everything, answered the interview, thanking those relief supplies and saying that--  while I thought it would be much easier for them leave those devastated ground--  they'll stay there with others to reconstruct their hometown.  Apparently, where I couldn't see nothing other than horrendous mounds of wrecks and debris, there are people who can still see something else-- hope.   If you say you've amazed by how the mother nature can be cruel and ruthless in this disaster, I'd say I'm more amazed by how the people can still withstand the tragedy and stay strong with dignity, compassion, patience and yes, hope. 

Of course, things are still tough and certainly I need your prayers over people in Fukushima-- but at least I feel a lot better now than two weeks ago, and I really thank my fandom, as it gave me something I should look forward.  As long as some h/d fests are going on, I'll keep hanging on, haha!:-D

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