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19 December 2010 @ 02:37 am

First off, sorry for my delayed posting but well-- here's my report on December 3rd's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part1" movie screening at Fujieda(Shizuoka), Japan, with special guest Tom Felton!!

get to my lengthy report!Collapse )

FYI, Tom's stage presentation was held twice(the second one was right after the short break), and since we're not allowed to take any pics/videos inside theatre, here's my sketch of his stage interview session scribbled out of my memory.(the real photos taken by several media are collected at Feltbeat.com gallery so check them as well)

(Keep clicking for larger image: FYI 'Fujieda' literally means 'wisteria branch' and I saw several wisteria-motifs in this town so I added that)

Here are some highlights from his two Q&A sessions(hosted by Fujieda-local born actor/short-film creator, Ryo Ishigami) if I remember corretly:

From his interview...Collapse )


now move on to the photo&autograph sessionCollapse )

Now the final note of my report-- I'm sure that all the fans already know very well how modest, pleasant and charming person Tom Felton is, but seriously I think I and anyone there on that day had learned/relearned that fact. When he said "I got a big message on behalf of all the cast members and crew, to all of you Harry Potter fans" or "we couldn't have continued this film series without your support", I could tell he really meant  it, being always aware that his presentation affects the whole image of HP production and that not a single fan should not be mistreated. And still, at the same time, he truly enjoyed  communicating with fans and entertaining them to share the joy of this occasion. I believe I'm not only one who got good vibes from Tom and was inspired to work harder in our own life too!

Okay, that's about it; thanks for reading!:-)

PS. BTW anyone doing DH1 movie review meme? Like the one I did last year for HBP? I'd love to do that sketch too!:-)
09 December 2010 @ 01:18 am
...because LJ has kept eating up my entry!! Grrrrr!!!!
So, anyway...let's get to the fest pimpin'!!

25 Wishes Holiday Challenge at [info]hd_seasons  


(as you see, they're generous enough to use my art for the fest banner!*^^*)

Then indeed, [info]hd_holidays  has started posting this year already, [info]slythindor100  is now hosting 25 days of Draco and Harry holiday challenge, so is [info]hd_fanart  Christmas Advent Calendar, and alongside h/d there are [info]hp_yule_balls  and  [info]mini_fest ...  I wonder how people catch up with all those fests and special challenges during the busy holiday season??

And there's even something to look for in upcoming year 2011 already:
Big Bang banner
artwork by phoenixacid
Sign-ups start on January 2, 2011.
Rules and Timeline | Join! | Information for Artists | Promotion Banners

Since I'm a real  slow-reader and has once failed in a big-bang style fest, I don't know if I'd sign up but I'll look forward to this fest anyway, for sure!! :-D! 
Hee, I thought first I'd finish my report on Tom Felton's Japan tour *squeeeee* , but then I heard that today(Dec.5) is the International Ninja Day!! (geez, wonder why they don't spread the words to us Japanese-- we'd love to celebrate the day&have fun, too!!)

Anyway, so I feel like I'm obliged to do this recap within today, haha!

Title: The Ninja Who Loved Me
Artist: yumekutteikt
Challanges: submission for hd_fan_fair 2010,  PROMPT #208
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): h/d
Summary: AU, Japan in Tokugawa shogunate era(circa 1860)--  Harry, the young head of Oniwabanshu(royal ninja squad), was assigned to guard the newcomer to Ooku(Shogun's harem in Edo Castle), Draco. While Harry eventually fell for Draco and their secret feeling for each other grew, Harry didn't know-- that Draco was also a ninja, with mission to assassinate Shogun Dumbledore.
Medium: Digital
Artist's Notes: Ugh, first of all, sorry for the mods for delay! Anyway, I put two of my best-favorite elements(ninja and ooku) in one setting so I enjoyed a lot by making this art!
Additional note: Okay, here's the credit which I couldn't give properly under anon, so plz check-> beautiful Japanese patterns by gimei@DevianatArt; Edo Castle graphic by Eyespic(from its free materials library); bamboo ring and origami crane/bird by IllustStudio software material; also, the phoenix pattern on Dumbledore's fan is scanned from Edo-Monyou pattern book which I forgot the title^^;(sorry!)

The Ninja Who Loved Me (keep clicking the pic for larger image)Collapse )

Extra-- for anyone interested, here's the better look on Dumbledore&Lucius:

Read more...Collapse )

BTW, on thishd_fan_fair 2010, I had two new, special experience-- first, my art made the opening of the fair! It was totally unexpected and so surprising, because it was submitted only a couple days before the starting date, awwww!! *ducks and hides*  Anyway, I can't thank more the mods for their patience and generosity, and I'm so honored and flattered by the overwhelming response!<3
The second is, they made a beautiful collage banner of participated artists, including mine! Yes, this is my first fest-collage experience in fact, and it's like, my longtime dream in fandom came true!*^^* It's so awesome and I can keep staring it for hours...♥

Once again, my deepest thanks for the fanfair mods, and hopefully we'll celebrate the fest together again next year!:-D
28 November 2010 @ 01:07 am
Aaaaaugh so I haven't made any entry this month!? *shivers*

Anyway, recently not much update on my side except for leo_palooza's Secret Santa exchange, although I'll definitely try to make more h/d Christmas art indeed, as soon as I got time!:-)

And the biggest news today is-- I've secured my ticket for DH1-movie stage presentation in Fujieda, Dec.3, with special guest of Tom Felton(who's now re-visiting Japan BTW)! Yay!!^^v  And since seemingly they won't allow us to take pictures or videos(except during the signing session, which I don't know if I'd participate-- I mean, I do love Tom but this year I simply can't afford 5000 yen for just an autograph..), maybe I'd draw some report of the event, just like last summer, haha!:-D

(totally unrelated sketch below, which I happened to find outside of my old "Now I Found You" art)
31 October 2010 @ 11:25 pm
...but I can't help doing some sketches because on Friday night the "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" film was aired on TV here!


(oh yes, I wanted that wee!Draco to bawl and weep at that table because I'm sure he could've won some extra points for his cuteness!!)
At least, the chatroom I saw was flooded with "what the f**king f**k is going on here, you f**king faggy Headmaster!?" messages so my Slytherin soul was gratified. Heh.

And they'll be showing the 1st Twilight movie next week...does anyone know if it worth to watch?(never seen the film/read the book yet)
29 October 2010 @ 01:28 am
Okay, so I've been such a bummer lately and didn't checked thoroughly my friends page for weeks, but... Can anyone tell me what happend to [info]ebethfic ??  I'm in a bit of panic now as I found her LJ account is closed...
Current Mood: worriedworried
25 October 2010 @ 03:27 am
 ...oh well, not much update on my side, but anyway my week-late submission for bottom_draco fest is done, yay! v^^ The 2nd Annual Bottom!draco Fest will start on Nov.06, and I can't wait!:-)

Speaking of the fest, hd_fan_fair  is ending soon *weeps* ...yes, it's sad to see its ending, but it was such a fantastic fest this year so let's share its finale with applause than tears, shall we?

Oh, and it's very late to mention but my siliest prompt was turned into this cute&lovely art at hd_fan_fair!!  If you haven't seen it yet, just GO L@@K!!
Cosplay Madness
(and if you think that Tokyo is such a crazy place like this...I say it's not, because it's even crazier !!^o^)

And of course, such amazing H/D 10th Year Anniversary Party is going on at harrydraco  comm!  I'm a bit running late(as always) but I hope I can contribute something since it's a great celebration, yay!:-)
03 October 2010 @ 12:15 am
hd_fluff'll be hosting 2nd Annual Fluffy Halloween Fest!

Artwork by yumekutteikt , Banner by enablelove
Harry/Draco Fluffy Halloween Fest

(and as you see, they are generous enough to pick up my art for its banner...*^^*)

Now, send your prompts&let's celebrate a happy, fluffy h/d Halloween time, yay!:-)

02 October 2010 @ 11:59 pm
frankly I can't stop envying this!!!


(I wonder if Warner Brothers has any plan of animating its other titles like, HP...??)